AugmentedArc® Augmented Reality Welding System


the Industry’s most realistic welding simulation solution for classroom training
AugmentedArc Complete Package


  • AugmentdArc Simulator
  • Teacher Software
  • Black Infinity AR helmet (277265) with premium headgear
  • AugmentedArc router (277397)
  • Work Stand (277266) for out-of-position applications
  • SMAW Stinger (277268)
  • TIG Torch (301400) with AR tip (277272)
  • Two electrode / filler rods with AR tips (277267)
  • MIG Gun (301401) with AR Tip (277269)
  • Butt Joint Coupon (277274)
  • T-Joint Coupon (277270)
  • Butt Joint Coupon (277275)
  • Pipe-to-Plate Coupon (277276)
  • Lap Joint Coupon (277273)
Innovative augmented reality technology
Blending real-world and computer-generated images into a unique, augmented reality environment.

Optimize Instructor efficiency
Instructors can use the Teacher Software with an AugmentedArc controller to create a virtual classroom with customized curriculum, quizzes and weld exercises. Students can work at their own pace, and instructors have more time to assist students one-on-one.

Deliver real-time feedback
By providing immediate feedback on users’ techniques, AugmentedArc quickly helps correct errors, reinforce proper welding practices and accelerate skill advancement prior to actual live arc welding in a lab.

Reduce overall training time
Compared to traditional methods, AugmentedArc significantly reduces the amount of time needed to teach students.

Minimize material cost
By helping students refine their welding skills in a simulated environment before beginning live arc welding, AugmentedArc delivers a green training solution.

Build a larger, more-skilled welding workforce
AugmentedArc is attractive to computer-savvy young people, drawing them to welding education programs and increasing their success – key to building a larger, more-skilled welding workforce.

AugmentedArc Display
Helmet’s external optical sensor captures and sends images of coded devices and coupons to the AugmentedArc computer. the computer generates 3-D images of metal workpieces, augmenting them into a real-world environment.

Welding simulation screen and view
Visual graphics aids and guide the user to achieve target parameters.

Post-Weld Feedback
User’s performance is scored, graphed and recorded for playback by student or instructor.


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