Steiner Strip Curtains


Steiner’s tinted welding strip curtains are widely used for welding applications to enclose workstations or machinery. Welding tinted strip curtains are flame retardant and filter most ultraviolet radiation, while allowing useful visible light into the area. Protect against sparks and spatter, and permit safe, easy access of walk-through traffic or movement of equipment into the area.

  • Flame retardant; meets California Fire Marshal requirements
  • Blocks most UV radiation and protects workers in adjacent areas from welding flash
  • Reduces energy cost
  • Barrier for dust, smoke, flying debris, and sparks and spatter from welding
  • Reduces noise
  • Highly transparent and allows natural light in dark areas
  • Provides easy access
  • Available in two widths/thicknesses: 8″/.080″, 12″/.120″
  • Available in amber, orange, and blue
/ Steiner Tinted Transparent Vinyl Strip Curtain/ Steiner Tinted Transparent Vinyl Strip Curtain

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