Welders form the foundation of american industry For 30 years R&M has worked to make them safer and more productive

R&M Now Open in Dayton Ohio

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Located just seconds off I-75 at Stanley Avenue (directions). Full line of Welding Supplies, Equipment & Gases. 

R&M turned 30 in 2015 – thanks to everyone that attended the Miller ROADSHOW at our 30th anniversary open house. Pics and more about the event…

aniv_logoWelding has come a long way since R&M first opened it’s doors in 1985. Back in the day,  back when gasoline was a buck something and a movie ticket to see The Breakfast Club cost $2.75 – stick welding was the most commonly used process. Fast forward to today and you can receive the benefit of 30+ years of advances in technology. Inverters and computer controlled power supplies deliver precision weldments in small and effecient packages. MIG welding, combined with robotic cells have revolutionized manufacturing. Plasma and laser cut materials with accuracy that seemed impossible just years ago. Let R&M help you utilize the latest technologies to improve quality and effeciency.

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Need repairs to your welding or cutting equipment?  Let our factory trained service department provide you with a free estimate. PMs, safety inspections, ISO certifications and same-day service calls are just a few of the capabilities of our service & repair department

Would you like to help your employees brush up on their welding and cutting skills or improve safety? R&M offers customized training packages for SMAW (stick), GMAW (mig), FCAW (flux core), GTAW (tig), Oxy/Fuel and Plasma. All programs can be presented at our in-house lab or at your facility.


  • Comprehensive line of specialty and laboratory gases.
  • Pure Gases, calibration gases, rare gases.
  • Food and beverage gases.Visit Purity Plus Website
  • high purity single stage and dual stage pressure regulators
  • flowmeters, high accuracy mass flowmeters, gas purifiers, and filters
  • complete high purity gas handling and alarm systems including manifolds

R&M is proud to represent Weldmark products.  WELDMARK is a full line of welding equipment and related accessories manufactured to our quality specifications. WELDMARK offers outstanding value, immediate availability and exceptional performance.

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