RM Alloy Selector


  • Simplified charting system allows welder or engineer to identify metals using testing procedures.
  • All six major metal categories listed with appropriate tests for each type of metal.
  • Recommended R&M ALLOY listed for each metal classification.
UNA-WELD 1235 Universal alloy for steel and stainless. X X X
RM 480 Easiest to use and most versatile of all mild steels. X X X
RM 421 Deep penetrating mild steel welds thru paint and rust. X
RM 428 Best selection for thin sheet metal or galvanized. X X
XR 1000 Premium low hydrogen. X
XR 1020 Low hydrogen for high strength steels. X
XR 1050 Super strength low hydrogen for low alloy steels. X
RM 300S “STAINMASTER” – all 300 series stainless grades. X X X
RM 3000 Universal alloy for severe wet corrosion and high heat. X X X
RM 320 Universal bronze alloy. X
RM 340 High purity electrode for copper. X
RM 3030 Universal MIG/TIG alloy for copper, brass, bronze. X X
RM 3060 Premium aluminum electrode. X X X
SURE CAST 935-2 Best all around cast iron in the world. X X
SURE CAST 960-2 Most machinable cast iron in the world. X X
SURE CAST 960 Used for contaminated cast. X
HF 502 Best choice for severe abrasion and moderate impact. X X
HF 540 Best choice for severe impact. X X
HF 570 Universal tool steel electrode for sharp edges. X X
ELECTROGOUGE 200 High performance gouging and cutting. X
RM 104FC Flux cored, low temperature solder. X
RM 150 Self fluxing copper alloy. X
Q-SILV 120 General purpose silver best for poor fit-up. X
Q-SILV 156 Highest silver, ultra thin flowing alloy. X
RM 112 General purpose brazing alloy. X
RM 116 High strength brazing alloy for joining and build-up. X

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